I consider inclusive governance to be fundamental to long-term sustainable development. Governance is inclusive when it effectively serves and engages all people; takes into account gender and other facets of personal identity; and when institutions, policies, processes, and services are accessible, accountable and responsive to all members of society. Fostering governance that is inclusive is essential to advancing democratic values, including peaceful pluralism and respect for diversity, human rights and equality before the law.

Inclusive Governance

My government will ensure that her citizens are the focal point of all leadership and governance. Women, youths, children and differently-abled persons will be given adequate representation in my administration. We will allow our young minds to contribute their ideas, energy, talents and resources to build a nation that works.

My Priorities

We will focus our efforts on four paths to action:

  1. Promoting and protecting human rights
  2. Increasing equitable access to a functioning justice system
  3. Enhancing participation in public life
  4. Ensuring that public services work for everyone

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